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  • With the top privacy protection, this glass sticker can provide you with lots of privacy as well as softened sunlight during day time. A perfect alternative to heavy troublesome curtains and blinds! Easy to cut into any sizes to meet your special demands. Heat insulation in the summer and heat preservation in the winter. No adhesive, removable without any residue, static cling, easy to apply, and can be applied several times.


    • No more glue hassle: Our window tint for home is self-adhesive film, free of glue design, no chemical release, needn't use any adhesives. Make sure the glass surface is completely clean and smooth, wet the window glass and film with soapy water, you can easily paste the window films on your window.
    • No more strong dazzling glares and harmful UV rays, the window film helps filter most of sunlight and reflect 96% UV rays
    • Perfect for day sleepers whoever can't take the light
    • The window film effectively provides a private space on both sides of the glass while still keeping rooms bright, cheerful, and full of light
    • Washable & removable & reusable: This frosted window film is waterproof, oil-resistant. Long useful life, easy to position, and remove. So it can be reused if not damaged or smudged. (Notice: This product is only suitable for clean, smooth and no smudge glass surface, do not use on rough, uneven, frosted glass or other materials.)

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