One-way privacy window with thermal control window decals


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  • This One Way Window Film is designed to block heat, reflect UV rays and reduces glare, keep your home, office cooler and save energy for intense summers. Reflective material on the exterior provides privacy protection and mirror effect during daytime while maintaining your view of the outside.Before applying, remember to tear off the protective film. (Please stick a tape on the film's corner to peel off the clear backing from the film)Spray more soapy water on the glass and surface of the film, the more water, the better, and scrape all the bubbles out with a squeegee.Cut the film to a size of 2mm from the window frame, pick up a corner at the edge, re-spray and paste, and scrape the bubble.


    • Black 91% of harmful UV rays from the outside
    • Non-adhesive & Static cling application
    • Daytime privacy protection
    • Vinyl

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