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  • Windows are an opening to the outside world from your interior home. But when there's not a great view outside, or your neighbors can look into your place easily through windows, all you really want is a little bit of privacy. With our frosted colorful window film, give you a designer look and all the privacy you desire. This matte film can also let the sunshine in while keeping the outside world out, no more nosy neighbors but a cool beautiful environment.


    • Non Adhesive
    • Privacy Protection
    • UV Blocking
    • Easy to install
    • The frosted design offers you a safe and comfortable way at your own places during the daytime
    • UV protection: say no to 95% of harmful UV rays that may hurt your skin and protect your furniture from aging
    • Glue free: stick by static cling, easy to install, and remove. No worry about leaving residue on the glass. Reusable: Premium Vinyl material offers extra durability, can be re-positioned and reused repeatedly.
    • Reusable: premium vinyl material offers extra durability, can be re-positioned and reused repeatedly

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